Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hopes and Fears

Not quite sure why the playing cards are part of the page but they felt like they needed to be. I just kept thinking about phrases like, "the hand we're dealt" and "how we play the cards". Perhaps it's just a color thing. I love red, black, and white but it's not my usual palette. Again, it seemed right for this prompt. 

Hopes and Fears Art Journal Page
canvas paper, acrylics, marker, foam stamps, tape, free-form machine stitching, colored pencil, scrapbook paper, playing cards, watercolor crayon

Still enjoying playing with materials, techniques, and ideas on these pages. All-in-all I feel good about them. 9 days into November I have worked in my journal every day and completed 4 pages. While I haven't done every prompt, it has been great to think on them and see where it leads.