Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Book of Inspiration

I have really enjoyed this online workshop. I started dabbling in art journals about two years ago. Coming from a quilting, bookbinding, and surface design focus previously, art journaling was originally a way to get me back in the swing of art, particularly art for my own pleasure. It's developing into a spring board to encompass all my greatest loves. This little book has me excited because it is  a step back toward bookbinding (which I have gotten away from largely due to the carpel tunnel issues) and I am coming back armed with a better idea of how I want to incorporate these elements together. I feel positive about where this is headed. 

The little book of quotes sitting on my kitchen window ready to inspire me. 

Side one and two of the book. 

Here are the panels if you care to pursue the quotes. (click to bring up larger image and scroll through)