Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why am I blogging?

I have been thinking a lot about why I am blogging for quite a while now. Since I started dedicating a chunk of my day to creative endeavors, I have blogged much more regularly here as a way to be accountable to myself, to document and process it all. I think I like that best and it's really what this all is for me personally. I want this blog to be another form of journal. A visual record of my progress and a place to write and work out ideas. I do a lot of that in my comp book journal. I keep my list of 5 things as I think of them and later add them to my master list on the computer.

I have been stifling myself as far a writing goes thinking too much about an audience for my posts. I am not trying to do this professionally or garner advertisers. It is mostly about me. Of course I like to share some of this along the way. Another reason I am pursuing blogging, challenges, online classes is to have some form of art community.

So I am thinking and working towards a bit of a different look here. I am gearing up to get started doing a journal page a day with NaNoJouMo. So if you start to see these strange posts with list of things I want to do and have done and photos of work in progress, it is just a little peak inside my brain as I work through my creative process.