Thursday, September 15, 2011

icad #25

By my count today is the 58th day since I started blogging here about challenging myself to do creative work everyday. Something. Walk into the studio. Start something. Take the next step. Do. Have fun. Make that joy, that is such a part of who I am, a priority. I have been pretty committed to it, learned some things, made adjustments, and I am sure I will continue.

I have a new challenge coming over the next so many days. I am going to have surgery for carpel tunnel issues today. Not a big deal yet a really big deal. I think it is part of what spurred me on to make this commitment to myself and seek the public accountability. I don't appreciate things until there gone or afraid they will be gone, or changed.

I may be quiet for several days. I plan to make myself take some recoup time. I will be posting again soon in some form. Maybe not such wordy posts. So go. Don't procrastinate. Do what makes you happy.