Tuesday, August 2, 2011

TRY Art Journal Page

Day 14...
So many styles and techniques interest me but I try to not get too carried away, at least not often.  I worked in a different journal yesterday. It is a three-ring binder that incorporates office supplies and other fun things. I was still in the mode of my more heavily painted journal pages I think. 
(In editing I saw the "try" in the first sentence. It wasn't even consciously chosen even though it is the title of this journal page. It is interesting how much my thought process has come out in these pages without even trying, actually trying to do the opposite. Kinda cool.)

TRY Art Journal Page by taylor_maide
TRY Art Journal Page, a photo by taylor_maide on Flickr.

Techniques and materials used include: magazine images, clothing pattern tissue paper and sugar packet, hand dyed fabric, India ink, acrylic paint, machine stitching, stamping

You can see the entire layout as it is in the binder below. The pages often build on one another. I started a few smaller pages (the yellow and green index cards) that are intended to precede this page and you see them in the first shot. 
 the binder as you turn each page to reveal the next
I have been enjoying exploring several new artists' blogs. There are quite a variety of challenges. I hope to share a collection of some of my favorites soon. One blog I read is photographer Susannah Conway. She is doing an August Break where she invites others to have a low stress month of posting just a photo or more if they wish. I will be doing my own unofficial August Break. It's a busy month with back to school and a change of schedule. I think I will be kind to myself and while I will still post and keep up my creating every day, it may be a completed work every two days and a post might be only an image. Just know I am still here and I am sure you are still there doing your thing as well.