Monday, August 15, 2011

Studio Tour

It was time to give the studio a good cleaning and rearrange. It always helps me clear the mental cobwebs as well. I thought since it is decent shape, now would be the best time to invite company over. Care to take a tour?

Your greeted at the door with my mantra - "Go to your studio and make stuff."
Fred Babb poster
Going counter clockwise around the room, we have my lovely paper cabinet (from my days in the insurance industry)for paper storage. I plan to piece over the muslin backing. It is topped off with a collection of artwork from friends.
Here's the book shelf (just went through the contents and purged some) and hand me down recliner spruced up with a quilt from my Great Grandmother. The black foot stool is FULL of art magazines to peruse. 

 Labeled plastic drawers packed with supplies and tools fill the corner. 
A view of the large dining table handmade by my Grandfather. It's well protected with a work board on top. 
 The table is divided into four stations. This is the "wet" surface design area.
 And the dry work area is right next door.
 Across the way is the computer area. Check out the empty cork board. It will soon be filled again with reminders of school and church activities. The remainder of this side will be home to my sewing machine or additional work space as needed. 
 It's not a huge space but I am so thankful to have this chunk of our home as a creative haven and command hub for running our household. Now to go dirty it up again with the daily work of life and creativity I so enjoy. Thanks for coming. Hope to see you again soon.