Wednesday, August 24, 2011

icad #11

I had some fun playing around with crayons as a resist on this card. I have been thinking about other ways to do a resist on paper like I have used on fabric. In fabric for my quilts I often used contact paper or Japanese paste resist to create a barrier to further paint. They can be removed from the fabric at the end of the process. 

Prompt: triangles, Paper-Mate Flair pen, crayons, acrylic wash

I have shifted my surface design effort to paper these days. I have tried masking tape to some success but it is a bit limited in size. Nothing is coming to me other than crayons or hot wax for a batik effect, both of which I have done on paper. But I am really looking for an idea like contact paper to "save" an area in the painting process. Anybody know of a technique or product used on paper to that effect?

Wax was used to "save" areas as more paint was applied building up color from the original cream of the paper to a final dark brown. 
Quilt detail showing areas protected from further application of pigment.