Thursday, August 11, 2011

Resist and Balance

Day 23 of my personal creative challenge …

journal page backgrounds
I had a very enjoyable evening working on backgrounds for journal pages just having fun with colors and patterns mostly. I really like to use resists when doing surface design on fabrics. I have been playing with some ways to use resists or reverse stencils on paper. 

I did this batch of journal page backgrounds in a few hours. I am still working out a balance of creating every day and completing work. It feels good to do something like an ATC or index card a day but I also crave the satisfaction of completing juicier journal page. It is just not realistic for me every day. I think a once a week enjoyment of a longer creative session may be the best fit. Today is my daughter's first day back at school so we are all working on a shift in our schedule.

How do you balance your schedule for creativity?