Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today's creation is a bit simple. Not a journal page or ATC but a somewhat altered book. I love my smart phone but I have to have pen and paper too. Nothing compares. I like to keep a smaller, portable journal for notes, doodles, lists and the like, handy in my purse. I was ready for a new one so I grabbed one from my stack (yes, I must stock up on this necessity of life!) and added a simple elastic pen holder on the front for a little functional customization. I am never happy to leave a notebook just as it is manufactured. It served me well today. 

Venturing out into the wide world to participate in life and came across a lovely landscaped area where we were holding our meeting. I had a very enjoyable break experimenting with all the options on this cool retro camera app I installed recently. You can see those here. That's all for now as I am off to work on a journal page I started last night. Happy creating!