Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Studio is pretty messy :)

I like a neat space but honestly to get any work done I am going to have to have a bit of a mess and that is why my messy studio makes me very happy right now. I have gotten in a pretty good groove of working some everyday. (She pauses to knock on wood.) I am trying for somewhat controlled chaos but since I am grabbing a little time here and there having things out not only allows me not to spend time pulling it out and putting things away, it is a creative jump start. Honestly, I have a better chance of seeing something to do once I walk in the room. I often talked myself out of starting something because I didn't have enough time. I am not likely to have a huge block of quiet, alone time any time soon. (Ah, but it does sound like a heavenly idea.) I am thankful for the space I have which allows me to close it off and leave this mess out for later. Now to make the most of it.